Standards of Practice
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Northwest Florida Home Inspectors’ Association


Standards of Practice for non-members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

Each member shall at all times conduct himself/herself in a manner beneficial to the Northwest Florida Home Inspector’s Association, the client and the public, consistent with this Standards of Practice and Professional Ethics. These standards are to define and clarify the purpose, condition, limitations, exclusions and certain terms relating to the inspection. These standards will identify those items, components and systems which are to be included within the scope of the inspection, where applicable.


The Inspector shall, as a minimum,:

Observe and test, as appropriate, installed systems and components listed in these standards, as applicable.

Submit a written report to the client which shall:

a. Identify the components and/or systems listed in these Standards

b. Designate as to whether or not the components and systems are OPERABLE or INOPERABLE AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION, that is, whether such items are PERFORMING or NOT PERFORMING IN THE MANNER THEY ARE INTENDED TO PERFORM or IN NEED OF REPAIR.


1. Structures

2. Mechanical

3. Roofing

4. Exterior

5. Interior




 The inspector may exclude any part, system or component required for inspection

which is inaccessible, which has been concealed, which is not readily accessible,

which cannot be inspected due to circumstances beyond the control of the

inspector, which require moving of furniture, personal or stored items, lifting of

floor covering, or which the client has agreed should not be inspected or which

could damage or harm the item(s) being inspected.


These standards apply to residential dwellings only.

The inspection is a limited visual inspection at the TIME and DATE of the inspection and is not intended to give opinions on TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS, or LIFE EXPECTANCY of items on the inspection.

No representation or comment is made concerning any latent defects not reasonably observable.

Inspections performed under these standards shall not be construed as a compliance inspection of any CODE, GOVERNMENTAL REGULATION, or ESTIMATE OF MARKETABILITY OR VALUE or APPRAISAL.

Excluded are the conditions and operation of on-site water supplies or wells and private waste systems.

Excluded is the evaluation of the capacity, adequacy or efficiency any system or component.

Excluded is the determination of the presence of wood destroying organisms & insects and conditions, past or present, of environmentally impacted conditions.